Emergency Plan

What You Can Do

  • Keep your NDNU ID Card with you at all times.
  • Review emergency plans in your offices and residences. Make sure that you have provided emergency contact information to those who would need it. Know what you would do in a crisis and be prepared to help others.
  • Try to keep the gas tank at least half-full if you have a car. Fuel may be in short supply after an earthquake or other disaster.
  • Prepare a personal emergency kit, including bottled water and non-perishable food (such as energy bars), and keep it in your office or car. This is particularly important if you have special dietary or medical needs.
  • When asked to evacuate your office or residence, take your pocketbook or wallet, car keys, NDNU ID Card and medications.
  • Comply quickly and calmly with instructions you receive in case of an emergency.
  • Establish a phone tree in your department to relay important emergency information.

Important Campus Phone Numbers

  • NDNU Main Number: 650-508-3500
  • Public Safety Office: 650-508-3502
  • Public Safety Cell Phones: 650-504-0656 and 650-740-1483
  • Public Affairs: 650-508-3585