Faculty Development


Welcome to our new and improved web page, with resources for both full and part time faculty.  You’ll notice that a few sections are still under construction; hang tight as we finalize details and in the meantime feel free to contact us if you have ideas for additional resources to share or requests for specific support.


NOVEMBER 2:  Grants and Release Unit Applications are Due.  All faculty – PT and FT – are eligible for grants and encouraged to apply!

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS:  Second Thursday of the month, 4:30-6:00

At our second official meeting of the school year, which took place on October 12, we refined priorities for the year, discussed the budget, and added to our calendar of mentoring events, presentations, Moodle training, and more.  For more information, please feel free to contact us or stay tuned.

FUTURE MEETINGS:  The second Thursday of each month, 4:30-6:00; contact us to confirm the location.


At our new faculty orientation, we welcomed new full and part-time faculty from Psychology, Natural Sciences, Art, and the Clinical Psychology departments.  We are so glad that you each are with us.


The Faculty Development Committee focuses on multiple categories of faculty support:  teaching and learning; scholarship; professional development; and sharing faculty accomplishments while providing general support and information for our growing and dynamic programs.   We are committed to  support existing programs and initiating new ones, especially in the area of pedagogy, to our expanded Mentoring Program for new full- and part-time faculty, and to faculty success in each area of development.  Our events, grants, and programs are open to both full and part-time faculty and we support ongoing learning and development at any stage of a faculty member’s career.

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The committee organizes a number of faculty colloquia during the year so look for details on those in your NDNU email. Announcements of competitions for awards and deadlines are sent to faculty via email too. If you do not regularly check your NDNU account, set it to forward email to the address you use.

Check your email for news of upcoming faculty research seminars, workshops and faculty mentoring.