Faculty Development

Notre Dame de Namur University is committed to developing "a distinguished faculty dedicated to superior teaching, student learning and excellent scholarship and research. To that end, it is devoted to creating "a vigorous faculty development program for enhancing teaching and scholarship" and to increasing "support of disciplinary scholarship and research in order to enhance both teaching and institutional reputation" (Strategic Plan, 2011-2014).

Strategic Initiative funds under the current Strategic Plan have enabled the Committee on Faculty Development to expand its support for faculty research and pedagogy, emphasizing the critical link between faculty development and students’ academic achievement. In Fall 2013, for example, we will continue the Mentoring Program for new and part-time faculty begun last semester, and funds will be used to support existing programs and initiate new ones, especially in the area of pedagogy. The committee also organizes a number of faculty colloquia during the year so look for details on those in your NDNU email. Announcements of competitions for awards and deadlines are sent to faculty via email too; if you do not regularly check your NDNU account, set it to forward email to the address you use.

Check back here often for news of upcoming faculty research seminars, workshops and faculty mentoring. Learn about our latest grant recipients and read about faculty activities.

Research grants

The university allots a total of $7,500 for faculty research per fiscal year, including summer sessions. All faculty are eligible to submit proposals for research grants, but priority will be given to full-time faculty, senior lecturers and part-time faculty with five years of teaching experience at Notre Dame de Namur University. There is a limit of $750 per faculty member per grant. There is no restriction on the number of times a faculty member may apply, but priority is given to those who have not previously received a research grant.

Faculty whose work involves human subjects must submit their research proposals for approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). As stated on the research grant application form, documentation of IRB approval must be submitted to the committee before funds are awarded. Visit the IRB page for further information on IRB policies.

Travel grants

For the 2012-2013 academic year, a total of $300 is available to each full-time faculty member for travel to conferences, $800 if presenting a paper or giving a workshop. Faculty who do not use travel funds for conference attendance may use these funds for annual professional society memberships.

Release time

The university awards a total of nine (9) units of release time per academic year for full-time faculty and senior lecturers to pursue research or creative activities. The Faculty Development Committee usually awards three units of release time to the three successful candidates. Note that, for budgetary and scheduling reasons, the applicant’s department chair and Dean must concur with the application.

Sister Catharine Julie Cunningham Memorial Teaching Award

The university makes an award of $1,000 to a faculty member in order to enhance the teaching/learning experience at the university, to honor excellence in teaching, and to encourage new and creative ways of achieving excellence in teaching. The successful applicant also receives a plaque, which is presented at Commencement.

Faculty Resources

Notre Dame de Namur University is a member of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). As a faculty member at NDNU, you have the opportunity to send your children to other CIC institutions through the tuition exchange program. Learn more