Cost of Attendance for Day Undergraduates

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In understanding the financing of your education at Notre Dame de Namur University, it is helpful to separate your direct costs from indirect costs. Direct costs are fixed charges that you will know prior to attending NDNU. Indirect costs are not fixed, but rather can vary according to your situation.

2016-2017 Fixed Costs for the Year (Two Semesters)

Tuition and Fees: $33,926

On campus housing: $13,656

Total Fixed Costs: $47,582

Estimated Costs

Books      $1,900

Transportation   $944

Miscellaneous    $3,928

Student Bill and Disbursement of Funds

Student Bill

Your student bill and financial aid disbursements are based on each semester of your enrollment. The first student bill for the academic year beginning in fall is sent mid-summer, normally in July. If your initial student package does not provide sufficient funds to cover your costs, alternatives such as the Parent PLUS Loan, Private Loan or a payment plan are available. Payment plans consist of 8, 9 or 10 monthly payments designed to cover your balance.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Your financial aid funds are disbursed soon after the beginning of the semester. These funds are applied to the direct costs listed on your student bill. The NDNU Office of Financial Aid assumes that you want all forms of financial aid listed in your financial aid package applied to your account. If you decide that you only want part or none of the loan funds, please email us at with the amount, if any, of loan funds you would like to receive. If you have more financial aid than is necessary to cover direct costs, a refund will be issued to you.