Federal Work Study

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The Federal Work Study program (also known as FWS or simply Work-Study) is a federally funded program in the United States that assists students with the costs of post-secondary education. The Federal Work Study Program helps students earn financial funding through a part-time work program. These jobs can be either on NDNU’s campus or off-campus.

The work study program at NDNU is a collaborative process. Please refer to the following offices for the specified feature of the federal work study program.

Financial Aid: The Office of Financial Aid determines your eligibility for federal work study. This is a need based program. If you are deemed eligible, a federal work study award will be listed on your financial aid award letter.

Career Services: Federal work study positions are listed on the NDNU Career Services website.

Human Resources: If you are selected for a federal work-study position, all required documentation needs to be submitted to the NDNU Human Resources Department.