Financial Aid

Other Factors Affecting Your Award

Changes In Student Status/Outside Awards

Changes to your academic or financial status and changes from on-campus to off-campus residence status may result in changes to your financial aid. It is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid staff if any changes occur. If you receive outside scholarships or tuition reimbursement not listed on your award letter, please notify the Financial Aid staff immediately. Note that it is the policy of NDNU to accept outside funds without changing the amount of gift aid awarded to you, unless required by federal regulation because your financial need has been exceeded. In those cases, loans and work will be eliminated first from the package prior to removal of NDNU funds.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

When you receive aid, you are required to make progress toward completion of your degree or program. Full-time undergraduates are required to complete at least 12 units per semester with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Part-time undergraduates are required to complete at least 6 units per semester. Graduate students are required to complete at least 3 units per semester with a 3.0 GPA. Failure to complete the required units and/or maintain the minimum cumulative GPA for two consecutive semesters will result in your aid being placed in a probationary status. Failure to meet the minimum requirements in the probationary semester will result in disqualification of your eligibility for aid. Please contact Financial Aid for appeal and reinstatement procedures.

Return to Title IV Refund Policy

If you withdraw from NDNU during the semester and are eligible for a reduction in tuition, federal regulations require that all or a portion of your financial aid be returned to the federal aid programs from which it was drawn. You may be responsible for repayment of aid already received. If you are considering withdrawing, please contact our office so we can assist you with information about your options.

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