Financial Aid

SAP and Withdrawal

The U.S. Department of Education regulates the federal financial aid program. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that federal financial aid funds serve their intended purpose: to help students finish their program of study. Two federal policies you need to be aware of as you pursue your degree are Satisfactory Academic Progress and the Return of Title IV Funds.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) is used to define successful completion of coursework to maintain eligibility for student financial aid. Federal regulations require the University to establish, publish and apply standards to monitor your progress toward completion of your degree program. Read NDNU’s SAP Policy

Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds

If you receive federal financial aid during a semester in which you withdraw from all of your classes before the 60% mark of the semester, you are subject to the regulations of the Return of Title IV funds policy. It is important that you understand that a certain percentage of your aid can be returned to the federal government under this policy. Read NDNU’s Return of Title IV Funds Policy