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Financial Aid

Meet the Staff

Chuck Walz

Chuck Walz, director: Chuck has over 23 years of experience as a financial aid and enrollment professional. He is the direct supervisor of the financial aid staff, manages the budget, ensures federal, state and institutional compliance, and oversees the technology and data management used in financial aid processing. Originally from the Midwest, he has a Chilean-American background and is bilingual English/ Spanish. cwalz@ndnu.edu



Rachel Shanley

Rachel Shanley, loan counselor: Rachel is the newest addition to the NDNU financial aid team occupying the position of loan counselor. Rachel’s duties focus on the processing of all types of loans for both traditional and adult students. A native of the South Bay, she attended college on the East coast and is now pursuing a master’s degree in higher education. rshanley@ndnu.edu

Sushini Chand, financial aid counselor

Alison Bell, information officer

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