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Please make a difference in a student’s life and donate to the Argonaut Scholarship. Your gift will help future students share in the wonderful opportunities NDNU has to offer.


The Argonaut Scholarship offers the graduating class of 2016 a way to invest in a student’s future. Collectively, if each of us contribute $20.16, we can support an NDNU student(s). Our goal is to raise $5,000 so we can help several students with an Argonaut Scholarship.


Join your classmates in giving back! Please make a gift in honor of an NDNU professor or staff member that contributed to the wonderful experience during your education. Share your story of how they impacted your life by
posting using the form below.


You will be invited to attend the 2016 Donor Scholar Reception and meet the first recipient of the Argonaut Scholarship. Hear first-hand how your investment has transformed a student’s life and become an important part of their success.


“In honor of all the faculty and staff at NDNU that go above and beyond. Thank you Robert Hernbroth, Dough Rice, Sandra Lee and her staff in the Registrar’s office.” – Julie Rossi

“In honor of: Dr. Rice, R.J. Hernbroth. The lessons learned from Doug and R.J. have helped me realize my full potential and I will regularly call on those experiences in my career.” – Cobán Lopez

“As an international student at NDNU, I used to search to scholarships which were available for international student like me especially for graduated program. However, most scholarship for U.S citizens. Therefore, I donate to the school with hope, in future there would be more scholarship for students especially MBA program which I attended. Thank you! International students are part of the Argonaut.” – Tuan Luu

“I donate to this school in hopes that it becomes diversified!” – Tamara Thomas-Winston

“I donate to give back to a school that has given so much to me!” – Michael Corzonkoff

“There is a unique culture on-campus at NDNU which everyone should be able to experience, regardless of circumstance. Thank you to the professors who have helped create that culture and to the students who have maintained it.” – Anita Hegedus

“I came to NDNU just wanting to hurry up in life and get my degree. In the end I am leaving with more than I expected. My time at NDNU didn’t just reward me with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, but also with experience, knowledge, and better understanding of how to help people recover from a traumatic event in their life. After working with the faculty and students, I was also reminded that no matter how stressful life and work may be, I can always have time for a chat and some fun. Most definitely I am sad to leave the University I grew to love but I am excited about the next chapter in my life. Thank you all for everything.

Most of all, I want to thank the three faculty members who I will never forget for their advice, patience, and insight.

Professor Ralph Barsi. My first Human Services teacher and one of my last classes to take at NDNU. My Human Services classes started and ended with you, your experience helped open my perspective when it comes to servicing the community. If I ever end up in a hospital, I want to be at the one you are running.

Dr. Therese Madden, you interviewed me prior to being accepted to NDNU. Thanks for taking a chance on me and always being a great help in our classes. Senior Seminar was a great experience because I stepped out of my comfort zone and Creativity in the Work Place made me more than just creative, I think out of the box to be more efficient in life but still having fun.

Judy King, thank you for always keeping up with the students about classes. If it weren’t for you, I would not have known that I was close to graduating. Whenever we met for registrations or questions, I would always feel motivated to keep working hard because you reminded me that progress is progress and that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. Thank you everyone from Notre Dame De Namur University. The students and faculty were all very nice, welcoming, and open minded. I wish you all the best in life.” – Hamilcar Cabusi

“I donate in honor of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the legacy and life of Saint Julie Billiart. Without them, we wouldn’t have all the opportunities that we have.” – Amy Rich

“Don Campodonico stepped up and helped me when other staff couldn’t think of a solution. The BEST professor I’ve ever had!” – Lorianne Pettis

“I want to donate in honor of my professors in the art therapy department.” – Alexis Stephano

“I want to donate in honor of my mentor Therese F. Martin. Professor Martin has helped me better understand my potential and supported me in achieving academic success. In lecture, she challenges students with ideas and concepts that affect significantly impact our society. Her teaching style and techniques are unlike any I have encountered. She creates an environment rich in individual expression and cultural influence. I am confident this instructor has cemented her place in the foundation of my professional career. Thank you very much.” – Edwardo Mendoza

“I donated in honor of the many wonderful supportive people on campus. Amy Jobin, Jim and Diana from the Center of Spirituality have always welcomed me with open arms and work with passion for the betterment of the NDNU community. The ladies in the cafeteria, are full of joy and welcoming. The Tutor Center with Kate Mills and the Career Center with Carrie McKnight helped me with much needed skill sets needed for success! And, lastly, I want to thank the entire Art Therapy master’s program faculty for their continued pursuit for excellence!” – Sophia Stutes

“Many of the professors and advisers contributed greatly to my evolution as a student, professional, and human being. Love and many thanks to Arbore, Madden, King, Nyland, Schneider, Davis-Wick, Larragoiti, O’Sullivan Chaffee, and Young. I hope to honor your lessons well with my future work. Thank you for your mentorship and support!” – Courtenay Macmillan

“To dedicate this gift to just one or two professors would be an injustice! If I want to mention all the people who made mine a wonderful experience, I’d have to list my professors and also the staff in the business office, the registrar’s office, and our AMAZING library! Thank you all.” – Zita Agazzi

“I am a student of the Human Services program. Ralph Barsi has been my professor in various classes. He is an exceptional human being and incredible teacher at Notre Dame de Namur.

Several months ago my family and I were personally affected by an incident concerning my daughter. She was rushed to the Peninsula Hospital ER department in Burlingame where Ralph Barsi is head of Facilities. When I arrived at the ER Dept., I was told I could not access the ER department and was unable to see my daughter. As I guarded the ER doors to see if I could get someone’s attention to inquire about my daughter’s status, I saw Ralph walking by! He immediately notices me, and opens the ER doors, letting me inside. I explained my unfortunate circumstances, and he personally walked me to my daughter’s room. Thankfully she was okay.

That day was filled with much fear and expectations of the worst nightmare a parent could hear about their child. But Ralph was there for me; he took complete control of the situation, assuring me that I had every right to information about my daughter, and to know that she was okay. But the fear and panic I was feeling inside, was too much to handle alone. Ralph was there for me, just as I know he would be for ANYONE! He was calm, professional, focused, and simply caring!

Ralph is a sensationally exceptional person. He TRULY WALKS THE WALK AND PRACTICES WHAT HE TEACHES! He is passionate about his field of expertise and truly cares about human beings; he teaches his students to honor life, care for one another, and that we must be diligent in our belief that service to those in need is paramount above all else.

Ralph Barsi is number one in my book. I have the utmost respect and admiration for him as a person, and as a teacher. Notre Dame de Namur should feel quite honored to have him among their staff, teaching in the Human Services program.

Thank you.” – Joana Voglino

“I came to NDNU in the Fall of 2013. Therese Madden was there from my first meeting, and has been a great inspiration to me.” – Kelly Johnson

“The Primary Reading/Language Arts course EDU 4339 came to life with Professor Barbara Cohen’s enthusiasm, kindness, and natural talent! Professor Cohen showed us how to look at books with new interest and bring these books alive to our young students. I think of Professor Cohen often when I use my newly developed skills. Thank you!” – Patrick Ford

“The two professors who had the greatest impact on my educational experience were Therese Madden and Sister Carol. It is from their support and encouragement I have been able to do so well academically and constantly strive to do better. At Notre Dame I was given the confidence to achieve a life long goal and look forward to a great future!” – Hussain Rahim

“This is for both Professor Cole and Don C/Don/Don Campodonico. To Professor Cole: Had I known there was such a fun, engaging, and hysterical history teacher I would have taken all my history classes with you. Thank you for making a subject I once could not bear one that I looked forward to.  To Don, you go above and beyond to make sure that your students succeed both in your classroom as well as outside. It is refreshing to have a teacher that is so invested in ensuring his students succeed in life.” – Christina Faryabi

“This is dedicated to Professor Robert Hernbroth. His course was one of the first I attended in the MBA program and wrote the following note at the end of the semester: Professor, I appreciate the abundance of knowledge that you shared and hopefully, will use it wisely to help my career and personal life. I really enjoyed your teaching style, charisma, and sense of humor. This has been my favorite class by far and I’m not sure if I’ll have another class like yours but even if I don’t, my MBA program has already been worth it!”

My experience with Professor Herbroth was priceless. His teachings on leadership were straightforward, practical, and also stretched us outside of our comfort zone. Most importantly, I am still able to apply this knowledge into my everyday life. This will always be my favorite course taught by an outstanding teacher and a caring person. Thank you, Professor!” – David Shu

“For Madame Helen. For always being an open ear, arms and for her overall enthusiasm towards teaching and ensuring that each student success. Merci Madame.” – Ashley Mandel

“To Professor Michael Rende who taught me to appreciate the beauty of simplicity even in the things that seem to be complicated. Thanks to the way in which he explained the Philosophy of Mind this course turned to be one of my favorite courses at NDNU.” – Carmina Littlefield

“The knowledge, honesty, passion, support and hard work of Professor Young simply deserves every students respect. I truly enjoyed her Learning and Memory class during my last semester at NDNU.” – Carmina Littlefield

“I was enrolled in a few classes with Dr. Ali Ferdowsi as the instructor. He exposed me to a lot of new ideas and cultures, including the dynamics of Western society and Islamic cultures. All that he taught me has given me a new perspective on the world and how people everywhere are not so different from each other.” – Jesse Weed

“Dedicated to Professor Barsi and Dr. Arbore, whose passion in the Human Services field have forever changed my life.” – Edlin Stefany Martinez

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