Class Gift

Please make a difference in a student’s life and donate to the Argonaut Scholarship. Your gift will help future students share in the wonderful opportunities NDNU has to offer.


The Argonaut Scholarship offers the graduating class of 2016 a way to invest in a student’s future. Collectively, if each of us contribute $20.16, we can support an NDNU student(s). Our goal is to raise $5,000 so we can help several students with an Argonaut Scholarship.


Join your classmates in giving back! Please make a gift in honor of an NDNU professor or staff member that contributed to the wonderful experience during your education. Share your story of how they impacted your life by
posting using the form below.


You will be invited to attend the 2016 Donor Scholar Reception and meet the first recipient of the Argonaut Scholarship. Hear first-hand how your investment has transformed a student’s life and become an important part of their success.


I came to NDNU as a transfer student in the spring of 2014, after spending a few years at community college, and I’ve loved it here. I’ve learned a lot from my classes, made plenty of friends, and am proud to be graduating with a Bachelor’s in history. I’d like to dedicate this gift in honor of all my professors, but especially Stephen Cole and Madeline Fitzgerald. Thank you for being great professors and for being so supportive, even when things weren’t going well for me. I’m glad I was able to come here, and I look forward to what the future has to bring. – Megan Alvey

I donate this gift in the honor of all my professors I’ve had in my 4 years at NDNU. I’ve learned and grown so much and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mike Palmieri. He helped when I needed it most. Without him I would not be graduating from NDNU. Thank you Mike Palmieri you have helped me more than you know and you are truly an amazing person. – Renita Matthews

The two years I have spent at NDNU have been great, and progressive ones. Though, in order to afford to continue attending and now graduate from NDNU, I had to amass debt and work over 40 hours a week. I hope that this scholarship will grant a student, or students, the time to be able to work with students, faculty, staff, and administration in order to eliminate the need to go into debt for an education from NDNU. I will continue to strive for this post-graduation, while I hope those who currently are attending do not have to go through what I did. Despite the hardship, I am forever grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and relationships I have developed and gained through my time at NDNU. – Amanda Governale

I owe my entire future to Notre Dame de Namur! Before coming to NDNU, I took a plethora of units because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. I could have gone through my PhD program with all of the classes I’ve taken prior to finding myself at home, here at NDNU! After completing several courses, with the help of countless AMAZING professors, I have found my path and my passion! I am planning on obtaining my Master of Psychology degree, from NDNU. My true mission in life is to help others. NDNU helped guide me and supported my dreams and goals; now I am on my way to an amazing future in public service! I LOVE NDNU! – Kristin Williams

I would like to donate this gift to honor everyone I have met and learn from during the four years I have attended this university. I may not have been able to reside within the community of the school and experience all the amazing gatherings of the school, but I don’t regret it. Despite the lost possibilities, I have been able to find a countless more possibilities and opportunities that NDNU had to offer. There were many moments of struggle, but the university never made me forget that there are people around to just lift you up. This chapter of my life comes to a close and now all I have to do is continue and experience the next one. – Yrel Macahilas


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