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NDNU Employment Benefits

Other Benefits At-a-glance

Retirement Program

The University provides one defined contribution retirement plan: TIAA-CREF. The percentage of each Qualifying Contributing Participant's Elective Deferrals is determined by the employee and will not exceed established annual limits. Discretionary contributions, if applicable for which the employer, in its sole discretion, determines from year to year will be paid in annually after the close of the plan year. The amount, the allocation formula, and the percentage or dollar amount limit applicable to such contribution/s, if any, is at the complete and sole discretion of the employer and may vary from year to year. Any Contribution will be allocated in a nondiscriminatory manner based upon each eligible employee’s base salary for the plan year. For fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 the contribution declared was 7% discretionary contribution from the Plan Sponsor (NDNU), and a 0% match. For fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, the intended contribution is a 7% discretionary contribution from the Plan Sponsor, to all eligible employees. (For additional details see the Notre Dame de Namur University Summary Plan Description).


Employees are covered by California Disability Insurance pursuant to the California Unemployment Insurance Code for short-term disability. The University's Long-Term Disability (LTD) program provides insurance (income protection) during a prolonged period of disability. Coverage begins on the 91st calendar day of disability and provides for 66-2/3% of the employee's base salary. Coverage is effective the first of the month following thirty (30) days of employment with the University; premiums are paid in full by the University.

Flexible Spending Account

In general, you can use your contributions to help pay for the cost of care for your eligible dependents so that you (or if you're married, you and your spouse) can work. Because of tax advantages, rules and limitations are clearly defined by the IRS (including eligible expenses). Use it or lose it — carefully estimate the amount you want to contribute. The IRS requires you to forfeit any amounts not spent by the end of the year. The contribution elections you make when you enroll generally must stay in effect for the entire calendar year. You cannot increase, decrease or cancel your contributions during the year unless you have a change in family status (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, etc.).

Commuter Benefits

To help save money on commuting costs and provide a stress-free way for employees to arrive at work on time, NDNU offers a tax-free commuter benefit program. With this benefit, all eligible employees who commute to work by public transit (bus, rail, or ferry) or vanpool can pay their fare and parking with pre-tax dollars.  Employees save in taxes, with savings depending on tax bracket and monthly fare.  Commuter Benefits - Employee Fact Sheet

Provident Credit Union

Provides financial services to enrolled members.