NDNU Vision Plan Summary (VSP)

Vision Plan Summary For appointments visit www.vsp.com or call 1-800-VSP-7195
In Network *
Out of Pocket for Exam

Exam Copay: $10
Materials Copay: $25 (waived for contact lenses)
Exam once every 12 months

Covered for full amount
Covered up to $46
Lenses – Single
Glass or Plastic

Covered 100% per pair
Once every 24 months.

Single covered up to $47
Plastic covered up to $66-$125
Once every 24 months.
Covered 20% of amount over $120. Once every 24 months.

Covered up to $47
One frame every 24 months.

Laser Vision Correction

Average 15% discount off usual price or 5% off promotional price**

No discounts.

* See directory for participating VSP member doctors.
** Laser Vision Correction discounts are available only from VSP contracted facilities .