About NDNU Email, Campus Portal and Moodle Accounts

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NDNU Faculty-Staff Email Accounts

NDNU Faculty-Staff email accounts are created for newly-hired employees as directed by the Office of Human Resources.
When your account is created, a welcome email is sent to your personal (non-NDNU) email address on file. The message has your NDNU Email username and instructions for changing your password and accessing your account.
If you’re faculty, a second email that has instructions for accessing Campus Portal is sent to your newly-created NDNU email account. Click the Campus Portal tab above for more info.

Email Usernames

Usernames are created by taking the first initial of the first name followed by the entire last name (Mary Jones = mjones). If that username is already in use, the middle initial is included (Mary S. Jones = “msjones”). If that username is already in use, or there is no middle initial, a digit is added (msjones1, then msjones2, etc.). Hyphens and spaces are omitted (Mary Jones-O’Hara = mjonesohara).
This username is not what you use to access Campus Portal. Please see the Campus Portal tab.
The NDNU Email log-in page is: https://mymail.ndnu.edu
Type just your username (not your full email address) in the Username field (e.g., mjones, not mjones@ndnu.edu).
Your email credentials are also used to log-in to NDNU lab and classroom computers and to the NDNU managed wireless network.

How To Enroll in the NDNU Self-Service Password Reset System

NDNU uses a self-service password reset solution in which you can enroll to have a verification code sent to your personal address if you’ve forgotten your password.
1. Point to https://mymail.ndnu.edu
2. Click “I forgot my password” – the Self-Service main page opens.
3. Type in your username and password as you do for email.
4. Change the Log on to dropdown to Faculty & Staff.
5. Click Login.
6. Click the Enrollment tab.
7. The User Registration page opens with the Verification Code tab selected.
If your personal email is listed (e.g., yahoo, gmail, etc.) and correct, then you’re already enrolled.
If no email address is shown other than your NDNU email address (or you want to add another address), please enroll:
8. Click the + sign
9. Type your personal email address (e.g., a non-NDNU account).
10. Click Update. You’ll see the email address listed now.
11. You’ve enrolled, so you’ll be able to reset your password in the future.

How To Reset Your Forgotten or Expired Password

1. Point to: https://mymail.ndnu.edu
2. Click the “I forgot my password” link.
The password reset page opens.
3. Click Reset Password.
4. Type your username in the Domain User Name field.
5. Change the Domain Name dropdown to Faculty & Staff.
6. Click Continue. You’ll see your personal email address in the My E-Mail ID field.
If you don’t see your personal email account listed, it means that you haven’t enrolled in the self-service system. (See “How to Enroll” instructions above.) You can’t enroll unless you know your password. If you don’t know your password, and you have not enrolled a personal email address, please contact the OIT Help Desk.
If you do see your personal email address in step 6:
7. Type the CAPTCHA characters (distorted characters shown at the lower portion of the screen) as directed.
8. Click Continue.
You’ll see a message to “Please check your email / mobile phone.” (Note that the system is not set-up to text, so please use a personal email account.)
9. Log-in to your personal email account, where you’ll find an email with the subject “Password Reset Confirmation”
10. Copy the code in that’s in the body of this message.
11. Go back to the password reset page, then paste or type that code into the Verification Code field.
12. Type the CAPTCHA characters as directed.
13. Click Continue.
14. Type your new password in the New and Confirm Password fields. (See “Password Requirements” below.)
15. Type the CAPTCHA characters as directed.
16. Click Reset Password.
“The password reset has been done successfully” message will display.

Password Expiry Notification

NDNU password policy is that passwords must be changed every 120 days, so three times a year you’ll receive an email notification that your password will soon expire:

From: noreply@ndnu.edu [noreply@ndnu.edu]
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2016 8:00 AM
To: John Doe
Subject: Password Expiry Notification

Dear John Doe,
This is to inform you that your NDNU email password will expire on 11/17/2016 at 09:08 AM.
Please change your domain password as soon as possible. Thank you.
IT Network Services, Notre Dame de Namur University

When you receive one of these messages, change your password either following the “How To Reset Your Forgotten or Expired Password” instructions (above), or open a web browser and log-in to NDNU mymail where you can reset your password by clicking the Options link in the upper-right of the screen.

Password Requirements

Passwords must:

  • Be at least six characters.
  • Cannot reuse last five passwords.
  • Cannot contain the account name or full name.
  • Contain at least three of the following character groups:
  • English uppercase characters (A-Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a-z)
  • Numerals (0-9)
  • Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %)
  • Passwords can only be changed once a day.