About NDNU Student Email, Campus Portal and Moodle Accounts

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NDNU Student Email Accounts

NDNU Student Email accounts and Campus Portal accounts are created for new students prior to opening of online registration. Please allow four working days from the day you are admitted and deposited for your student email account to be established.

When your account is created, a welcome email is sent to your personal (non-NDNU) email address on file which has your email username and instructions for changing your password and accessing your account.

A second email that has instructions for accessing Campus Portal is then sent to your newly-created NDNU email account. Campus Portal is where you can see class schedules, register online, view your account info and make payments, and use the learning management system where your instructor may post handouts and assignments, host discussions, etc. Please see the Campus Portal tab.

If you are not enrolled for two consecutive full semesters (fall or spring), your NDNU email account will be closed.

Email Usernames

Usernames are created by taking the first initial of the first name followed by the entire last name (Mary Jones = mjones). If that username is already in use, the middle initial is included (Mary S. Jones = “msjones”). If that username is already in use, or there is no middle initial, a digit is added (msjones1, then msjones2, etc.). Hyphens and spaces are omitted (Mary Jones-O’Hara = mjonesohara).

This username is not what you use to access Campus Portal. Please see the Campus Portal tab.

The NDNU Student Email log-in page is: https://mymail.ndnu.edu

Some students prefer to navigate to the NDNU Student Email page by starting at www.ndnu.edu, then clicking Current Students, then Student Email.

Your email credentials are also used to log-in to NDNU lab computers and to the NDNU managed wireless network.

Type just your username (not your full email address) in the Username field (e.g., mjones, not mjones@student.ndnu.edu in the Username field).

NDNU Self-Service Email Password System for Students

NDNU uses a password reset tool into which each student’s personal email address on record is enrolled. If you forget your NDNU email password, please follow to instructions below to have a verification code sent to your personal address.

If You Forget Your NDNU Email Password

  1. Point to: https://mymail.ndnu.edu
  2. Click the “I forgot my password” link.

The password reset page opens.

  1. Click Reset Password.
  2. Type your username in the Domain User Name field.
  3. Change the Domain Name dropdown to Student.
  4. Click Continue. You’ll see your personal email address in the My E-Mail ID field.

Note: If the address listed is no longer one that you use, please contact the OIT Help Desk at helpdesk@ndnu.edu, then see the Enroll instructions in the next section. Otherwise, if the personal email account is one you use:

  1. Type the CAPTCHA characters (distorted characters shown at the lower portion of the screen) as directed.
  2. Click Continue.

You’ll see a message to “Please check your email / mobile phone.” (Note that the system is not set-up to text, so please use a personal email account.)

  1. Log-in to your personal email account, where you’ll find an email with the subject “Password Reset Confirmation”
  2. Copy the code in that’s in the body of this message.
  3. Go back to the password reset page, then paste or type that code into the Verification Code field.
  4. Type the CAPTCHA characters as directed.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Type your new password in the New and Confirm Password fields.
  7. Type the CAPTCHA characters as directed.
  8. Click Reset Password.

“The password reset has been done successfully” message will display.

To Enroll in the NDNU Self-Service Password Reset System

If you find that your personal non-NDNU email address shown in step 6 above is incorrect, and you don’t know your password, please contact the OIT Help Desk at helpdesk@ndnu.edu

Once your password has been reset and you know it, please follow the instructions below to enroll a personal email address of your choice in the system so that you can use the self-service password reset tool if needed in the future.

  1. Point to https://mymail.ndnu.edu
  2. Click “I forgot my password” – the Self-Service main page opens.
  3. Type in your username and password as you do for email.
  4. Change the dropdown to Student.
  5. Click Login.
  6. Click the Enrollment tab.

The Verification Code tab is selected, and you’ll see your ndnu.edu email address listed.

If your personal email is listed (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and correct, then you’re already enrolled.

If no email address is shown other than your NDNU email address (or you want to add another address), please enroll:

  1. Click the + sign
  2. Type a personal email address (e.g., a non-NDNU account).
  3. Click Update. You’ll see the email address listed now.

You’ve enrolled, so you’ll be able to reset your password following the “If You Forget Your NDNU Email Password” instructions.

You can also set-up secret answers to questions; to do that, when you see the Verification Code tab in step 6 above, click the Security Questions tab.

These instructions are for your email/network/wireless account for which your username is the first initial of your first name plus your last name (see Usernames above). Campus Portal is a separate account where you log-in using your NDNU ID Number.

All university communications to students are sent to official NDNU student email accounts, so you are encouraged to use and check your account often.

NDNU Student Email Forwarding to a Personal Account


  1. Login to NDNU Student Email
  2. Click Options (in the top right corner), then click Create an Inbox Rule.
  3. Click New (below Inbox Rules). A new window opens.
  4. On the dropdown menu below “When the message arrives,” click [Apply to all messages].
  5. On the dropdown menu below “Do the following,” click Redirect the message. A new window opens.
  6. Below Message recipients, type in the email address to which you want to forward emails.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Yes.

Note that NDNU cannot be responsible for forwarded messages once they leave the university’s email system. When contacting NDNU offices regarding your student account or student records, the request must come through the “@student.NDNU.edu” email address and not from an outside address for compliance reasons (confidentiality and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act -FERPA). When a student contacts a department through the NDNU email system, the reply will be sent directly back, insuring that only the student receives the information and that there is no break in confidentiality. If you send from a non-NDNU email address, you’ll receive a reply that due to compliance reasons the requested information has been sent to your official NDNU student account.