Style and Branding Guidelines

University Logo

Notre Dame de Namur University logo

University Logo with 150 year mark


The logo serves to identify the university in all forms of communications. Consistency preserves our integrity and reputation for high academic quality and reinforces our Catholic heritage.

Think of the university logo as a secondary visual focal point of your piece rather than the main focus of attention.

The logo is most effective if kept separate from other graphics by an amount of open space approximately equal in size to the mark itself.

The logo is set in the official Adobe Garamond Pro typeface. The logo represents all departments and offices. NO individual unit logos should be developed or used with university communications without prior approval from the Communications office.

The logo must only be reproduced in either Blue (PMS 289) and Gold (PMS 125) black or white.

CMYK color equivalents:
Blue: C 100, M 60, Y 0, K 56
Gold: C 0, M 26, Y 100, K 26