NDNU in the News

The following is a list of recent news highlighting the university, updated to the best of our ability. If you believe an article should be listed here, email Claire Karoly Ard at with a link to your suggested article.


September 2013: Dani Gasparini interviewed Vice President for External Affairs Hernan Bucheli on Pen Voice. The two talked about restoration and fundraising plans for Ralston Hall.

Pen Voice - 105: Hernan Bucheli from Peninsula TV on Vimeo.

May 4, 2013: Andoni Schultz, who was recognized by President Obama in a speech in 2009 as someone who took charge of his education despite the challenges he faces as a result of brain cancer, graduated with a degree in business. He appeared on CBS, ABC and Fox, and was interviewed for KCBS radio.




KCBS Radio