Former NDNU Board of Trustees Chair George Keller Dies

Belmont, CA, October 20, 2008 — George Keller, former chairman of Chevron Corporation, a member of the NDNU Board of Trustees, and chairman of the board from 1982 to 1994 died last Friday in Palo Alto of complications from a recent orthopedic surgery. He was 84.

“As both chairman and a board member, George made enormous contributions to NDNU,” said Dr. Judith Greig, acting president of NDNU. “His chairmanship was one of the most productive in recent history of the university. It saw the building of Gleason Gymnasium and the renovation of Cuvilly Hall, and the acquisition of several important grants that made significant impacts on university life.”

Sr. Veronica Skillin, SND de N whose term as president of then College of Notre Dame, 1980 – 1994, coincided with Mr. Keller’s chairmanship recalls that although he was extraordinarily busy, he always made time for the university’s needs. “When he agreed to be chairman we promised him that the position would not interfere with his duties as chairman of Chevron,” she recalls. “Nevertheless, when he came to campus for Board meetings he always arrived early and would walk around campus to take a look around and see for himself what was going on.”

She also recalled that “one of the most remarkable things about him was his willingness to completely focus his attention on the person he was speaking to. Whenever I would visit him in his office to discuss university business, he would put aside everything else and give me his complete attention. He did so much to help the university and make us visible.”