Notre Dame de Namur Partners with InsideTrack to Enhance Student Success with Title V Funding

San Francisco, CA, January 3, 2012— InsideTrack, Inc. ( has announced that Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU), the only Hispanic-serving, private, nonprofit four-year university in Northern California, has engaged InsideTrack to support the university’s efforts to improve student retention and graduation rates. InsideTrack will provide executive-style, one-on-one coaching sessions to NDNU’s students, helping them clarify their long-range goals, get engaged on campus, explore their career options, and build life skills such as time management, budgeting, and prioritization.

The partnership is funded through a Title V Department of Education grant, the goal of which is to provide enhanced support services to ensure the successful graduation of all students, with particular emphasis on outreach to Hispanic and low-income students.

Notre Dame de Namur, located in Belmont, Calif., was established in 1851 by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The student population is currently 26 percent Hispanic, many of whom are also first-generation students. Based on California and San Francisco Bay Area demographics, the percentage of Hispanic students is projected to rise steadily in the foreseeable future.

“Although NDNU has had significant success in helping Hispanic and low-income students to succeed, we expect this new partnership with InsideTrack to help us expand the reach and quality of the services we offer to Hispanic and low-income students,” said Hernan Bucheli, NDNU Vice President for Enrollment Management.

InsideTrack’s partnership with NDNU will encompass several activities with the goal of increasing retention and graduation rates for Hispanic and low-income students. These include Coaching services that guide students in navigating and engaging with their college experience, while gaining the skills for long-term success. InsideTrack will also work with NDNU to identify academically at-risk students, so the university can provide them with additional academic support.

InsideTrack enables students to have a great college experience through one-on-one coaching that significantly increases their chances of graduating prepared for career success. InsideTrack improves enrollment and graduation rates, enhances the student experience, and aggregates feedback about student needs and perceptions that universities can use to inform decision-making.

“NDNU has a long-standing commitment to providing the structure and support students need to thrive, irrespective of their backgrounds,” commented Kai Drekmeier, Founder and President of InsideTrack. “That’s exactly what our Coaches offer, and we are honored to support NDNU in continuing to deliver high-quality educational programs and services.”

NDNU currently enrolls nearly 2000 students consisting of approximately 1147 undergraduates and 820 graduate and credential students. Baccalaureate degrees are offered in 22 majors, master’s degrees in 12 subjects, and credentials in four programs. The university’s mission, since its inception, has been to serve students who otherwise might not have access to a college education. More than 80 percent of NDNU students receive financial aid, 20 percent are from low-income homes, and more than 30 percent are first-generation college students.

About InsideTrack

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