Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center Presents Community Partnership Award to NDNU

Belmont, CA, April 1, 2011—The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) will present Notre Dame de Namur University with the first ever PCRC Community Partnership Award in recognition of NDNU’s dedication to community partnerships and civic engagement at its Annual Fundraiser Breakfast on April 12, 2011. PCRC also announced Ms. Ana Navarro is the fourth recipient of the John McNellis Award for her outstanding service to PCRC.

The PCRC Community Partnership Award was created to recognize an individual or organization working in San Mateo County who shares PCRC’s values and vision of a strong, resilient and collaborative community. Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) has been chosen as the first recipient of this award for their commitment to community partnership and civic engagement.

PCRC and NDNU have worked together for more than 10 years. Throughout this partnership, PCRC staff has taught classes at NDNU and jointly planned student civic engagement projects.  NDNU students volunteer with PCRC as part of class projects or internships, making valuable contributions to violence prevention, mediation, and conflict resolution training programs.  In addition, PCRC provides support for NDNU’s on-campus conflict resolution program. PCRC has benefitted greatly from the partnership with NDNU generally, and specifically from the talents of Professor Gretchen Wehrle.

“Through our work together we see NDNU’s commitment to bringing community engagement to the college campus and instilling the values of community, justice and peace in its students,” observed PCRC Executive Director, Jennifer Bullock.

“NDNU is honored to receive this award. We place a great deal of value on our relationship with the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center because we both share the same fundamental values,” said NDNU President Judith Maxwell Greig, Ph.D. “In addition, the Center provides our students with valuable training in empowering people, building relationships and reducing violence. This training will allow them to be a positive force for change in their communities and their workplaces for the rest of their lives.”

Beginning in 1982, and later as the Director of the Small Claims Mediation Program for San Mateo County, Ana Navarro worked with PCRC to train hundreds of volunteer mediators. A mediation student said, “Ana stressed that mediations are never about what you think they are in the beginning.”  Her work was key in persuading the District Attorney’s Office to participate in the Mediation Service; later that function was transferred to PCRC.
Ms. Navarro’s expertise in the mediation field, combined with her thoughtful and creative efforts on behalf of PCRC have influenced the values of respectful civil discourse in San Mateo County. Celia Benavides believes, “It has been a pleasure to know Ana Navarro, a vibrant and caring personality who has made a difference in her community and within San Mateo County – and much respected, too!”

PCRC’s Annual Fundraiser Breakfast, “Listening for Change” is on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City. The theme is timely in the face of increased violence and divisiveness in our community and across the world. PCRC acts strategically and effectively, knowing that these problems are not simple and neither are the solutions.

The keynote speaker will be Gary Noesner, the retired chief of the FBI’s Hostage Negotiation Unit and author of Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Negotiator. Mr. Noesner was heavily involved in numerous high-profile negotiating. His compelling perspectives demonstrate how listening is essential to all negotiations, validating the very principles that PCRC promotes.

About PCRC
The mission of the PCRC is to promote positive collaboration and engagement by bringing people together, facilitating conversation, and building these skills in our community through six program areas:  Schools, Mediation, Facilitation, Family Engagement, Public Participation and Leadership, and Violence Prevention. Visit:  for information.