NDNU Student Earns $10,000 Scholarship for Scholastic Achievement

Batinovich Legacy for Higher Education Continues

Timitchin Uzunoglu
Timitchin Robert Uzunoglu

Belmont, Calif., April 3, 2014 —  Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) student Timitchin Robert Uzunoglu is the first recipient of a $10,000 scholarship from the Robert Batinovich MBA Scholarship. It is a ten-year $100,000 expendable scholarship to support graduate students enrolled in the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Uzunoglu was born and raised in San Mateo and is the first person in his family to go to college. Through this scholarship, he is being recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and scholastic accomplishments. The Robert Batinovich MBA Scholarship will apply toward his work on his master’s degree in business administration with concentrations in marketing and human resource management.

“The Robert Batinovich family understands the important role that education plays in business and society,” said Judith Maxwell Greig, Ph.D., president of Notre Dame de Namur University. “We have the opportunity to inspire the best young minds around the country and the world to dream big and for many students, like Timitchin, it would have been difficult for them to obtain a college education, were it not for this kind of scholarship award.”

Uzunoglu says the scholarship came just in the nick of time. “Ironically, my laptop broke the day after I had turned in the scholarship application, my bank account would just barely cover the tuition costs for the spring semester, and to make matters worse, my job hours were recently cut 20 percent,” explained Uzunoglu. “This award money not only helps pay for my tuition, but materials costs like replacing my laptop, and handling basic student needs as I search for a new job.”

Uzunoglu’s long-term goal is to work for tech companies around the Bay Area as a marketing and business analyst. “I want to utilize what I learned in my graduate studies from NDNU as a way to integrate my knowledge of creating strategic plans based on consumer trends.”

Robert Batinovich founded Glenborough Corporation, a commercial real estate development business, based in San Mateo. He was a big supporter in helping others go to college. According to Garnet Batinovich, an NDNU alum, most of her late husband’s business life was devoted to entrepreneurial and venture capital activities primarily through the start-up or acquisition, operation and ultimate sale of a variety of businesses.

“Robert would be proud to know that an MBA scholarship has been established at my alma mater, Notre Dame, for the benefit of students who believe that business is their future,” said Batinovich. “It is a great way to create a lasting legacy that honors my husband and his mission to mentor, share and help others achieve their academic business goals. I am confident that just like Timitchin, all of our future scholarship recipients will make positive contributions to our community.”

“I feel truly honored to be setting a precedent as the first NDNU recipient for the scholarship. There is a strong sense of responsibility to represent this scholarship and start a legacy where many students can feel that tuition is not out of reach if you look for the financial resources available at your school,” said Uzunoglu.

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