Wiegand Gallery

 Spring 2017

Upcoming Shows

 Britta Kathmeyer 2017  Masako Miki 2017  Sarah Pringle 2017

Britta Kathmeyer / Masako Miki / Sara Pringle
Works on Paper, Paintings & Installation
March 22 – April 22
Reception: Sunday, April 2, 2017
2 – 4 pm

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Recent Shows

Zeuxis_Flower as Metaphor_Stephanie Sanchez 2017



Flower as Metaphor
January 25  – February 25
Reception: Thursday, February 9, 2017
4 – 6 pm

Zeuxis is a grass roots project founded in New York City in 1994. Membership is made up of artists from across the country. Its mission is to take the measure of contemporary still life painting. The current exhibition, FLOWERS AS METAPHOR, explores how flowers in paintings can be metaphors for the fleeting nature of life, for youth, love, cultural identity, female anatomy, and death.


Mission Statement

The Wiegand Gallery’s mission is to focus attention on the contributions and accomplishments of outstanding artists who are under-recognized and whose body of work calls for greater recognition. The Gallery also curates exhibitions that reveal unusual or rarely seen work of renowned artists to show the public a different side of their creative endeavors. In addition, our program introduces internationally known artists who live outside of California to the Bay Area. The Wiegand Gallery is actively involved in producing exhibitions that broaden our understanding of social, political, and multicultural questions as part of Notre Dame de Namur University’s commitment to social justice. The Gallery produces catalogues to enhance the educational aspects of the exhibition program with essays by important critics, theorist, poets and writers.


The Wiegand Gallery is part of the Madison Art Center, a magnificent stone building that was originally built as carriage house on the site of the country estate of 19th century financier William Chapman Ralston. Built in 1874, the carriage house walls are four feet thick and made of native stone quarried in the area. The upper story, where the Gallery and small theater are located, was harness room, grain section and hay loft. This exhibit space, with its porthole windows and skylights, is an unusually warm, inviting environment in which to experience art. It was named for the E.L. Wiegand Foundation, which provided funding towards the renovation. The Gallery is operated on a non-profit basis and is dependent on grants and donations.



Robert Poplack, Director
Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.