Emergency Information

University Status

There is no campus emergency at this time.

In case of an emergency, this website will be used to provide timely information for students, parents, faculty, staff and other members of the NDNU community.

If you have an emergency or are in immediate need of assistance, dial 911 from any campus phone. If you are off-campus or need non-emergency help, contact Public Safety at 650-508-3502 (day) and 650-504-0656 (evening) or 650-740-1483 (evening).

Emergency Text Alerts

Sign up below to receive emergency text alerts on your mobile phone. At the end of every academic year the database will be purged and only current student information will be added to the emergency text message database. If you are not a student of NDNU, or you wish to add an additional mobile phone number to the system, you may do so here annually. You must reenter your current phone number into the system at the start of each school year to continue to receive emergency notifications.

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